Emojis aren’t just symbols. They’re symbolic.

EMOJI IRL. LOL. By Liza Nelson

“The ✅ means I’ve completed something. It could also be me saying, yep I’m on it, I’m all over it, igotchu.”

“I use 👍 to convey that I am in agreement with you, and that whatever you put forward sounds good to me.”

“Offline, I use fist bumps to express encouragement. Online, I treat 👊 all the same. Did we crush a goal? Did someone on the team get past a hurdle?”

“The ‘OK hand’ means far more than just okay to me. It means A-OK. In fact, it means perfection in the specific context it lives in.” 👌

Emojis signal higher than ever before. They are not mere symbols; they are symbolic to our ever-changing ways in communication.



Hyperconscious Millennial. Tech & pop culture enthusiast. Passionate about personal growth. ✨ annelieseherbosa.com

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