Photo essay: Family Road Trip - Sun Peaks, Summer 2021

Let a life outside bring you happiness inside

View from the backseat of our car while driving en route to Sun Peaks
On the road with Mom & Dad. Taken from the back seat en route to Sun Peaks, British Columbia

The decisions we make today will have an impact for as many as seven generations to come.

Community library, Pinnacle Lodge
Left: Community library book shelf at Pinnacle Lodge | Right: The Village at Sun Peaks Resort
A construction worker steps out onto the road and holds up a stop sign to control the flow of traffic
Left: An RV trailer passing by (close up) | Right: The same RV trailer (at a distance)
Middle: Soaking in golden hour on our last night at the lodge
Right: Paved pathway we walked down, while on a family hike along the bottom end of Mt. Tod
A welcome reminder to slow down.
Took home a fresh jar of alfalfa honey by Sun Hill Apiaries from the local farmer’s market
Left: A few intense rounds of Scrabble–everything’s fine until someone loses an ‘i’… | Right: Highly recommended read



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