What Acceptance Speeches Reminded Me About Gratitude

Anneliese Herbosa
2 min readJan 9, 2017

Taking a small cue from those on the big screen

J.K. Simmons accepting the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2015 (Whiplash)

There are three things that are under scrutiny during every awards show: an artist’s performance, their sense of fashion, and the substance of their acceptance speeches.

Inspired by awards shows I’ve witnessed, I have come to realize that there are so many key groups of people out there to whom we owe our utmost gratitude.

The Real MVPs We Have to Thank

Collaborators (Co-stars): the people who worked right there with you, who shared and endured the journey.

Crew (Team): the people who were instrumental in creating an environment for you to thrive and shine in.

Agents (Catalysts): the people who continuously present opportunities in front of you and vet the right challenges to help you grow.

Family (Foundation): the people who keep you grounded…

  • Spouse/Partner: those rocks who stay by your side
  • Children: those sources of joy and inspiration
  • Parents: those to whom you owe your history and circumstances
  • Friends (personal/industry): those who show their unwavering support

These awards shows may cut off the stars as they have a limited amount of time up on that stage, but lucky for you, you have all the time in the world to give thanks ;) Don’t give yourself ‘the wrap’ when it comes to expressing gratitude — thank without limits. Don’t wait until you get the highest of accolades and praise – the people you have to thank deserve to know, now!

So why not start living out your never-ending acceptance speech now? Who do you have to thank?

Anneliese Herbosa would like to thank The 74th Golden Globe Awards for largely inspiring this post.



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